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What do nannies do?​

Nannies perform a variety of duties but first and foremost they love, care for and provide loving, nurturing care for your little angels while your away.

Other duties may include:

Getting the children up and dressed with teeth brushed and hair brushed & ready for another fun day

Feeding the children breakfast, lunch, and dinner with healthy snacks throughout the day 

Getting the children to school, driving or walking them to the bus stop

Cleaning up the dishes, wiping down counters, loading and unloading the dishwasher, spot mopping the floor or cleaning and sanitizing any high chairs or booster seats

Stimulate, entertain, play & do art projects with the children

Take on outings, teach them & be a good role model for them

Children's Laundry

Clean up the children's rooms & make their beds, pick up the play area, vacuum the playroom, clean and sanitize toys, straighten up the book shelf, and separate the Legos from Lincoln Logs

Drive the children to activities, set up play dates, and help bake cookies

 Light housekeeping, wiping down children's bathroom sinks, and sweeping the kitchen

Help with homework & make sure parents have signed off on the homework

Cooking- every nanny's skill level in cooking is different, so please check with each nanny on her cooking abilities and to see if she is willing to cook for the Family

Give the children a bath, read them a story, and tuck them warmly into bed

Grocery shopping, running errands, going to the post office, pick up dry cleaning, and going to the pharmacy

Provide emergency care in case parents get called into work or are running late

Travel with you and provide care while on vacation

Care for your furry children during the day by making sure they have food, water & letting them in & out

Meal prep, babysit for date night, & even take the car for an oil change!!

Things Nannies don't typically do:

Do the parents laundry or make the parents bed

Cleaning the garage

Yard work

Cleaning up dishes after the parents or weekend dishes

Cleaning up after the parents, picking up your shoes, briefcase, purse, etc..

Cleaning the bathroom

Polishing silver

Garden work

Giving the dog a bath

Cleaning out the parents car

Making dinner for the parents

Making breakfast or coffee for the parents

Cleaning up after parties

Waking up with the children in the middle of the night when the parents are home